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Library Materials Loan Policy



Each person age 6 and older must have their own library card. The card must be presented each time when checking materials out of the library.  Library cards are free of charge to persons residing within the Marshall Community School System, with the exception of residents of York and Melrose townships.  (Persons residing in these townships must apply at West Union library for a card.)  Proof of residency is required when applying for a library card.  Persons residing outside of the eligible area are required to pay a $45.00 per year fee in order to obtain a library card.  The fee for a replacement library card is $1.00.  Only a current library card can be used to borrow library materials.


Minor Children:

Marshall Public Library imposes no age restriction on the use or borrowing of any books or other materials, including all forms of physical media.  The library believes that this right properly belongs only to parents and legal guardians of minor children.  In order to meet the needs of the community, the library acquires a wide variety of materials, and there may be some items that parents or legal guardians find inappropriate for their children.  For this reason, the library urges parents and legal guardians to take an active interest in their children’s use of the library and to guide their children as they deem best.

In order for a minor child (under the age of 18) to receive a borrower’s card from the library, a parent or legal guardian must sign a release that declares that:

  • They are the parent or legal guardians of the named minor child;
  • They accept full responsibility for the return of books and other materials checked out by the named minor child, as well as liability for payment for the child’s overdue, damaged, or lost materials;
  • They accept full responsibility for the choice of materials borrowed by the minor child (or on the card issued in the name of their minor child).


Parents and legal guardians have the option of restricting the minor child from checking out physical media rated ’R’ by the Motion Picture Association of America or rated “Parental Advisory” by the Recording Industry Association of America.  Not all of the library’s media are rated.  The library is unable to place lending restrictions on online or digital resources.


Loan Limitations with a new library card:

  • New patrons may borrow two print items per cardholder and two multimedia items per cardholder (Compact Discs, Audio Books, & DVD/Blu-Ray and Video Games).
  • After a patron has established borrowing responsibility with the library, these limitations may be removed after 60 days at the discretion of the librarian.

Loan Limitations:

  • Patrons who have established borrowing responsibility with the library may check out up to twenty print items at any one time.
  • DVD/Blu-Ray and Video Games are available for loan with a limit of 4 per cardholder.  The loan of new additions to the audiovisual collections is limited to 2 per cardholder.
  • Compact discs and Audio Books are limited to 5 per cardholder.

Loan Periods and Renewals:

  • The loan period for these items is as follows: 
    • Print items – 14 days
    • DVD/Blu-Ray and Video Games – 7 days
    • Compact Discs and  Audio Books – 14 days
    • Kid’s Kits – 14 days
  • All materials must be returned before 4:00 PM on the day due.
  • All items may be renewed twice, providing there are no holds on the materials for other patrons.  Other libraries may have additional restrictions on their inter-library loan materials which we must enforce.
  • DVD/Blu-Ray and Video Games may be returned by leaving them in the media return box, but not in the book drop box or the mailbox.  If these items are left in the book drop or mailbox, the patron will be assessed overdue fines.


  • Patrons may reserve materials which are not immediately available for patrons use, but are in the collection of Illinois Heartland Library System.  When the reserved materials are available to the patron who has placed the hold, the library will notify the patrons via phone or email.  The patron is responsible for supplying the current correct phone number to the library for this purpose.  The specific title of the material will not be stated to anyone other than the library patron who placed the reserve.  If the patron is not available by phone, a message will be left if possible.  The date of the message will be noted and the material will be held for the patron for a period of one week.  If no additional patrons are waiting for the material, the material will be placed back into general circulation. In no circumstance will the library leave more than one message regarding a hold on a specific item.  Relay of the message to the appropriate person in the household, and prompt retrieval of the material, are the responsibilities of the patron.


  • The fine for over-due in‑house materials, except for DVD/Blu-Ray/Video Games, is 10 cents per day per item.
  • The fine on an overdue DVD/Blu-Ray/Video Games is $1.00 per day per title.
  • If the instruction booklet for a Video Game is not returned with the game, the item will be considered “checked out” until both are returned.  If either is lost, the full cost of the item will be charged.
  • Mailing fees are added to a patron’s record for all overdue notices mailed.
  • Processing fees are added to a patron’s record for lost items.
  • The fine on interlibrary loan materials is determined by the lending library.
  • Patrons who have over-due materials or have fines in excess of $5.00 on their borrowing record may not check out library materials.

Lost Materials:

  • The patron is responsible for a lost item and must pay the original cost of the item plus a processing fee.  The library will not accept patron provided materials in lieu of payment.

Damaged Materials:

  • If a patron returned an item in a condition that will prevent future circulation of that item, outside of normal wear and tear, the patron must pay the original cost of the item plus a processing fee. The library will not accept patron provided materials in lieu payment. (See City Ordinances Pertaining to Library Property, Appendix 1)

Responsibility for Materials:

  • As a courtesy the library staff attempts to notify patrons who have delinquent materials, by phone, mail, or email. Lack of notification of delinquent materials does not excuse the patron from responsibility for overdue materials. The patron is responsible for everything checked out on his/her library card.
  • The library assumes no responsibility for multimedia or the players in which they are played.


  • Microfilm may be used in-house only.  In order to use a roll of microfilm, a patron is required to leave a driver’s license or other similar form of collateral with the librarian until the film is returned.  The library staff will obtain the microfilm from the multimedia cabinet for the patron.


(Revised 04/13/05, 12/14/05, 03/14/07, 07/08/09, 10/12/2011, 10/10/12, 9/11/13, 8/14/13, 3/9/2016)