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Home Library Policies Patron Behavior in the Library

Patron Behavior in the Library




Marshall Public Library is committed to providing a quality environment and universal access for the delivery of information for cultural, economic, educational and recreational development to the public.  In order to maintain a suitable and safe environment for all staff and patrons, the Board of Trustees of Marshall Public Library has adopted the following rules governing the use of the library.


The following forms of conduct are not permitted in the library:

1. Litterine or loitering in the library building or on its grounds

2. Entering the library without proper attire which conforms to the standard for the community for public places, including shoes and shirts

3. Consuming food and beverages while in the library

4. Use of tobacco products, alcohol, or illegal substances

5. Soliciting or canvassing in the library or on its grounds

6. Creating a disturbance by making noise, talking loudly, using abusive or rude language, or engaging in other disruptive conduct including public displays of affection.

7. Damaging, defacing or misusing library resources, equipment or facilities

8. Running or rough-housing

9. Entering areas posted “Employees Only”

10. Threatening or harassing behavior, including, but not limited to, violence, threats of violence, and possession of weapons

11. Bringing animals into the library except for service animls or animals for programs

12. Interfering with another person’s rights to use the library or with the library staff’s performance of their duties

13. Leaving bicycles on the sidewalks instead of secured in the bicycle rack

14. Theft of library materials, use of false identification to obtain a library card, or use of another person’s library card without his/her permission

15. Misuse of rest rooms

16. Leaving belongings unattended

17. Any illegal act or conduct in violation of federal, state, or local law, ordinance or regulation

18.  Any use of ignition such as matches or lighters

19.  Smoking of any time is not permitted inside the library including electronic cigarettes. Patrons may not smoe withing 15 feet of a library entrance. (Smoke Free Illinosi Act 410 ILCS 82; Puclib Act 095-0017)

20.  Patrons who have offensive body hygiene may be required to leave the building and return when the problem is corrected.


Unattended children:

In order to provide for the general welfare of children in the library, the Board has established the following rules:

1. Children under the age of 8 years shall not be left alone in the library.  A parent, guardian, or responsible person must remain in the same room or area of the library.  Direct staff supervision is available only during specified library programs.

2. Parents or responsible persons are accountable for each child’s behavior and safety while in the library.

3. Parents or guardians must pick up their children prior to the library closing time.  Children not picked up by closing may be placed, for their protection, in the custody of the police.

4. Library staff is not responsible for the consequences of leaving children unattended in this public building.


If a patron commits any of the above infractions of this policy or any other library policy, the library staff has the authority or right to tell that patron to leave the library. If the patron refuses to comply and continues to cause problems, the police can then be contacted to eject the patron from the library.

Additionally, library staff may impost time limits on library resources, require patrons to furnish commonly accepted forms of ID, and limit the number of patrons sitting together in one arrangement.

Library personnel will record instances in which patrons have violated library rules of conduct, including but not limited to the misuse of library computers.  (See Computer/Internet use Policy.)


If a patron contravenes any provision of this policy, the Library Director may:

1. Suspend or revoke the patron’s borrowing privileges.

2. Prohibit the patron from entering the library facility for a specified  period of time.

3. Report the incident to the parent or guardian, in such incidents involving minors,

4. Initiate a prosecution under Illinois Local Library Act.



(Revised 9/11/02, 9/14/05, 05/09/07, 09/09/09, Reviewed 07/05/11, Revised 7/12/13, 3/9/2016)