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Marshall High School Yearkbooks


Oral History Interviews


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Free access in the library or remote. For remote use, log in with your MPL barcode.


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Find your ancestors’ stories.
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Home Library Policies Meeting Room Reservation Request Form

Meeting Room Reservation Request Form




____________________________________________________________requests the use of
(Name of Individual and/or Organization)

the Dale McConchie Meeting Room on ____________________________________________
(Day and Date)

for the hours of __________________________________.

Purpose/Type of Meeting/Event___________________________________________________

  • I accept responsibility for any damages that occur during this time reserved for me.
  • I have read and understand the attached Meeting Room Policy.
  • It is understood that the non-refundable rental fee and a security deposit (if a key is needed) must be paid upon completion of this request, which must be submitted a minimum of 24 hours prior to the requested date/time.
  • I understand that a security camera is located in the Meeting Room for the protection of our patrons and staff.

Printed Name______________________________________




Phone number_____________________________________


Amount paid _______________________   Check number ___________________________


Rev. 07-2012

Library Use: Date key returned________________   Date key deposit returned _____________